Wednesday, April 17, 2013

B for "Bengalis"

When I started thinking about the Letter B it reminded me of the community I belong to "Bengali".
Most of the times I am asked "Hey you have curly hair are you Malyali or are you from Goa".
This is my usual answer haven't you seen Maa Durga .She has similar hair and so I am bengali.

Generally when the word bengali comes people have a vision of a girl who needs to have beautiful eyes, sharp looks and very talented be it singing,dancing , painting, public speaking etc.
You don't need to be an expert in recognizing a Bengali because the moment he/she speaks you can recognize that he/she is a bengali with the O''s and Auw's that are added during the pronunciation of words.(In my case it is an exception :P)

You must have watched the movie Kahani how "Vidya" becomes "Bidya" and I have known how "Pallavi" becomes "Pallabi". How Dahi becomes "Mishti Doi" here :) and How Rasgullas becomes "Rasoogulas" :)

When it comes to speaking your mind , they will never step back. 
[Basically they are very talkative, are "expressive" and few also show "Neka" (attitude).Cant resist this word reminds me of a famous character Komolika from Ekta Kapoor's serial "Kasauti zindagi ki "]
When it  comes to Fashion/Acting/Dancing  they are well versed with it. 
[Look at Sushmita & Bipasha ]
When it  comes to studies among all the toppers there would be at least 1 Bengali .
[Basically very sincere & hardworking]
When it  comes to love Marriages they have the highest rate and know all the rules of the game.
 [I have stopped counting now :P]
When it comes to dressing up they love it and especially during the Durga Puja, Kali puja and Poila Baisakh (Bengali new year ) .
[You can see from far away a beautiful saree with hair neatly done, nice pearls and a lovely big round bindi:]

Every bengali apart from the usual studies is talented in some or the area either drawing, painting, singing or dancing. I have always wondered how but this is what I have realized they have love for arts and music.In all the days when I used to learn guitar and go for exams I would see a Shubroto or an Antara in the list of names so I knew you have tough competition here.

All the above features may apply for some and may not apply for some but in case of Bengali men you can find the submissive types or the short tempered ones.
But once you serve them the delicious fish curry then you have won half the race.

Very few bengalis would say no to fish curry and this is the first question I am asked wherever I go "So you must be making lot of fish curries " .

If I am speaking about Bengalis how can I miss few of their important traditions.
Without which my blog would be incomplete.

When it comes to bengali traditions the shankho and the sound Hulhuli (females make with their tongue ) marks the auspicious rituals. During a bengali wedding the new bride dressed in Red Banarasi hides her face behind the "Pan patta " (leaves) waiting for the glimpse with her husband dressed in Silk Kurta, Bengali dhoti and a nice topar -(white conical headgear) called as Shubh Dhristi .[Remember the movie "Devdas"]

One of the greatest festivals is Durga Puja which is celebrated with great pomp and show. Artists coming down from far away places and showing their creativity in the making of the Pandals.[A place where Goddess Durga is kept and prayed during the Puja festival ]Sometimes the creations in the interiors/exteriors of the pandals is so beautifully done that is hard to believe when you see bamboo and Taal leaves twisted and cut to make beautiful designs. People line up in huge numbers to have the auspicious Khichdi bhog and kheer as Maa durga's prasad.

The last day of the Puja is also a great celebration when all married ladies are dressed up in the traditional attires of white and red border saree applying vermillion on each other 's faces enjoying the event called as "Sindurdaan ".

Last but not the least hope you had fun reading the Blog so next time you teach your Child B for Bat teach him/her B-Bengalis (LOL :P)

This blog is purely dedicated to my bengali relatives/friends who have been a very important part of my life .

Mom & Dad: Dad has a great sense of humor, beautiful heart, loves fish curries. Mom is very humble and has taught us all the important things in her own unique way.
Dada: A rational thinker, a good adviser and great in Skating and cricket.
Nina: My little Sister who is a great dancer, talkative, expressive with her beautiful eyes and has quite a good sense in fashion.
Bhabhi : She is responsible, very understanding a great choice when it comes to shopping and getting decked up (like a Posh Bengali ) and a great cook.
Saurav: Great sense of humor and a pleasing personality.
My hubby: Now 50% bengali especially for his love for Bengali sweets and his desire/efforts to learn the language
Tulika: My friend who is a talented Kathak dancer and is very good in drawing/painting. Has an amazing sense of humor and was the first gal whom I met in my school .She kept teasing me on my first day asking me my name in numerous times :P
Munmun: My Logical partner. I gave her this name cause I have always seen her logic stand out. Be it a physics problem or a question from nowhere .But she had it right and would not be afraid to speak her mind.
Pallabi: We became the best of buddies in 11th and 12th STD and then during my life in Pune.She is a talented Bharatnatyam dancer and we both still have the dream to sing a song together on a stage from the album "Viva"-"Jahar ho pyaar ka mausam ".
Suprabha: She is silent , quite and only with her smile wins everyone's hearts.If she would not have been there who would have heard Pallabi's and mine's non stop Gupshup.

I have tried my best to compile a Blog which captures the essence of Bengalis.They are bold , open minded and are deep down good at heart :) 

Do add your comments if you have come across any bengali friend and incase I have missed any point ! :) 

Till then adieos !!!

PS: This post is based only my experience and creativity. Does not have any intentions of hurting anyone belonging to this community or other communities.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Letter A and me :)

May not make any sense to you but the moment I started thinking about writing a blog which has association with the letter A this is what struck me . April is one month which I have always liked not because we celebrate all different traditions new years in our country (India) and one day out of blue moon we suddenly realize that we are either Bengali or maharashtrian or Punjabi but it's the most wonderful feeling around you which makes you smile .The winters finally coming to an end and the spring season taking its place.The birds chirping, the flowers blooming and the sun shining having a soothing effect on us.

April  4 years back I was packing my bags to attend 2 of my cousin's weddings in my hometown. Suddenly rang my phone and  from the other side my manager confirmed  that I had cleared the interview and was selected to go to for one of the US Project.

I was ecstatic as somewhere deep down in my heart as a kid I had always wished to see the other part of the world and here it was. The next weekend I had to fly and report in the US office. I started shopping, packing, called my parents as to meet them before I left.

I was supposed to leave on Friday but Thursday got a call from my manager that the project had some issues and may be my assignment would be cancelled. Pheww I controlled my tears in front of my friends who had come to bid my adieu with a cute memory book in hand. I had been struggling for this opportunity since almost a year and a half but nevertheless when I couldn't control anymore I just held on to my best friend Maeeda and cried on her shoulder.

My friends present there thought that since Maeeda was getting married in few months time I was crying (Lol:P) but on friday morning my parents were there ,they travelled 30 hours to reach me and when I told them I am still waiting for a confirmation they had a smile on their face and said Its fine sweetheart even if you don't go we can have a vacation together and you would be fine after that surely.

My phone rang and I could hear a firm yes !! Wow so I was finally going to "America".
My parents bid me adieu at the airport my mom's eyes were numb but they were happy and proud to see their daughter all set to make a mark for herself.

So flew for 19 hours and Arrived At the Airport in America in April :) there stood my 3 friends with a bouquet in their hand to welcome me and had hired a Black Lavish car to pick me from the airport.

There I was sitting at the backseat enjoying the weather ,seeing the greenery, welcoming the sunlight and yes I was in the United States of America and the first statement that everyone told me was you have Arrived here in the most Amazing part of the year in the month of April !!!! :) 

PS:I also started writing after 3 years in the month of April!!!!.This month really does some wonders on me.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Waiting long near the Starbucks Cafe ,
With some wafers and a Coffee Latte…!

Thinking about the lovely times that just went by ….
Naughty, Loving, just a glimpse that made me shy….

The Cool talks, the pillow fights, the popcorn splashes on each other was so much fun…
I still remember all the foolish yet funny things that we did under the sun ….
The heart said why don’t you leave everything & just fly…..
I am sure; you should definitely give it a Try!!

But something within me just made me stop,
Will everything be the same when I go back…..??
Suddenly someone gripped my shoulder…
How strongly I wished it was you……
Tears just rolling down the cheeks and my lips numb…
Turned back and saw….. it was my bro….showing his thumb!
And there you were standing behind him with your arms wide open……
I jumped and ran towards you…..Whispering in my ears,……….. you said ”I Love you”
Note:Here’s Wishing all the brothers in this World ‘ A’ very happy valentine’s day to you too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Deserves a Try !!

Love is like an open sky…..
Once in life, you should always give it a try!!!
Feel the rhythm, it’s with you
Close your eyes and see the rainbow in every hue :)
The touch melts your heart …..
Your mind says this is the start

Don’t go by the color and looks….
If you see around there are lot of crooks
If you fall…. heal your bruises…
Love is like an open sky ….

You should give it a try and search for another eye ;-)